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DASH Price Prediction by 2018 - The Everyday Usage Cryptocurrency Author Topic: DASH Price Prediction by 2018 - The Everyday Usage Cryptocurrency  (Read 33116 times)

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Today in this post we will talk about DASH and the more particular I want to give you guys my price predictions about Dash to the end of 2018.
So a little info about What DASH is? and What i think to be worth to the end of 2018

What is DASH and What It will be Worth?

Let's first have a look at DASH did till the end of 2017.

So in the Jan it was only $11 cost and at the end of 2017 it's over $1100. So a little calculation brings you to awesome
numbers of times 1 hundred and it is pretty crazy actually in terms of what cryptocurrency did, but DASH yet came
from very far in actually. I never had the feeling for DASH that was really hype. It always wind up very slowly
if you compare it to the growth of other cryptocurrencies which sometimes wind up with 60,70 and sometimes 100%. If you consider Ripple which increases in 2017 very crazy. For DASH as you see it winds up very slowly and if you see it didn't a lot for a last few months and then it suddenly winds up from 300 to 1000. But it is still a very quality Cryptocurrency.

What is DASH?

DASH Basically wants to become a new kind of Paypal. It wants to become a real online payment system so if you have Paypal right now then DASH wants to create something very similar but with its own Cryptocurrency with DASH and probably also Bitcoin is going to be integrate and their platform will be called the DASH evolution platform. There is still a lot of speculation about DASH evolution platform because in my opinion it really can be very first platform which brings like real adoption to the market. Now why do i think that? if you compare other cryptocurrencies i don't know other currency that is focusing so much
on becoming a payment platform than DASH. All other wants to become a payment system but they actually don't manage to do it but DASH is doing this.
So, DASH evolution platform once it will be released and open for everyone i think we will see a lot of partnership as well because
what you need to know about DASH they did a very good marketing in the beginning of this year for themselves. Dash done wind up a lots but actually since that movement i think that DASH didn't really have a lot of marketing anymore. The DASH really focus on the products for building DASH evolution platform, making a lot of partnership etc. We don't know a lot of these partnerships but i think personally some of these partnerships that will be in 2018 that this will be really huge and i talk about the really
biggest online stores which few of those should work as partnership so that we will make use of DASH evolution platform just as they accept paypal.
DASH have very bright future in 2018. As i said the very first Cryptocurrency and the best one in the good position to become a real everyday usage Cryptocurrency and that is what DASH wants to become as well.
So my price prediction for DASH in 2018 i think we will see it goes 7 times and it will be just under $8000 and if we do marketcap it will be $63 billion and that is really reasonable.
And that's what i think DASH will be worth by the end of 2018, actually only because of their evolution platform. As i said once again that is really revolutionary in the cryptocurrency industry. And we don't know yet something like this and i really speculating on the fact that DASH spent all these months of silence just to focus on making new partnerships and getting everything ready.

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