Author Topic: Alleged British Bitcoin Scammer Extradited to US for Defrauding Over $36 Million  (Read 11937 times)


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The FBI has declared on 13 April that a 49-year old United kingdom national Renwick Haddow, has been extradited to the US from Morocco to face prices at the Southern Region Court of Nyc. He is charged with defrauding above $36,000,000 from affected individuals by making product misrepresentations and misappropriating purchase resources in two firms, Bitcoin Shop and Bar Works.

Fake Bitcoin Broker Extradited

Haddow was charged in Morocco with a provisional detain warrant in July 2017 after the SEC submitted scam charges against him. He supposedly employed sales staff to cold call prospective traders and offer securities in the two firms he managed while concealing his participation because of his sketchy past.

Reported by the SEC’s issue, marketing components offered to buyers in both businesses displayed senior professionals who did not actually are present, and misconstrued other key points about the procedures. Haddow supposedly diverted over 80% of the in funds brought up for Bitcoin Shop, and delivered more than $4 million from the Bar Works bank accounts to Mauritius and one more $1 million to Morocco.