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Why is everyone silent about this? Airdrop > after a while ask KYC Author Topic: Why is everyone silent about this? Airdrop > after a while ask KYC  (Read 17538 times)

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At the moment, there are already several companies that did not indicate that in order to obtain their airdrop will need to later pass the verification of identity and provide them with personal data. For reasons of my security, the security of my accounts on exchanges, due to concerns about the confidentiality of my personal data - I'm not going to send pictures of my passports, the address of the actual accommodation to those who organize AIRDROP, I will bypass such AIRDROP and would recommend to avoid such airdrops. It's dangerous enough, so I'm never going to PR like airdrop. Similar airdrop later appear on my reputation . I've apologized three times to my followers on my blog.

Now when I write this post - I feel like don Quixote fighting windmills. But let me explain my point of view. why I consider that the companies which resort to similar tricks, are potential swindlers.
I would like to note that in most cases, these companies are asked to tell about them, retweet their post, like their page, etc.I am sure that without these likes & retweets, information about them would not reach a large number of people. And to those to whom reached it would not be able to interest, as the rating of confidence in companies that have few likes and subscribers is very low.
This is probably why they are silent about the fact that you need to go through KYC

This is inconclusive, and we can not force them to indicate the need for verification of identity. But it says something about their integrity towards the people, and therefore we must not be silent about it.

I also think that the companies that were found guilty of such manipulation, you need somewhere to write, so I propose to report information about them in this thread, I will try periodically to write down information. So I ask everyone who is also indifferent and sensitive to this issue, to leave information about such companies.

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Why is everyone silent about this? Airdrop > after a while ask KYC
Re: Why is everyone silent about this? Airdrop > after a while ask KYC
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2018, 02:13:20 AM »
Is KYC necessary for any airdrop? As of my understanding, it's needed only when someone is investing; in most of the cases after a certain level of investment say 10K or more.

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