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Author Topic: Bitcoin Cash Guilty of Trademark Infringement?  (Read 6057 times)


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Bitcoin Cash Guilty of Trademark Infringement?
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:40:29 AM »
ust this morning, a co-worker of mine said he meant to buy some Bitcoin to purchase something online, and accidentally bought Bitcoin Cash from Coinbase instead.  This was no good for him as he couldn't actually buy the item he wanted with Bitcoin Cash.  We work in an online-focused business where most people are pretty tech-savvy. 

It made me start thinking - isn't Bitcoin Cash guilty of trademark abuse here?  My co-workers little snafu is precisely the reason we have trademark protections in place - so that the consumer knows the source of the good, service, or product.  The BCH logo is awfully similar, they use the name, and as demonstrated by my colleague, it can be confusingly misleading for the common person. 

Any thoughts?