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The rapid development of technology is affecting every aspect of our lives. This development has spread to all fields of Medical, e-commerce, education, finance, and art by the influence of globalization

The importance of the two advancements in technology which are internet and blockchain can not be overemphasized, decentralising project on blockchain has really increase the level of technology.

The possibilities of the Blockchain are enormous and it seems that almost any industry that deals with some sort of transaction, and security which would mean any industry, can and will be disrupted by the Blockchain.

Health is one of fundamental factors that impact the nature of human's life and his work drive cooperation. Nonetheless, as of late, the world circumstance concerning numerous ailments is compounding, including diabetes, cardiovascular ailment and parts more. This is delineated by the reports of the World Health Organization. The specialists guarantee that there is a huge number of elements that effect the strength of the world's tenants: among them is crumbling of the earth, expanded levels of pressure, intensifying nourishment circumstance on account of a lot of sugar, hormones and synthetic parts utilized as a part of items. Prophylaxis and anticipating future ailments is considerably more less expensive and powerful method for keeping great wellbeing and dragging out life, than treatment of ailment. Be that as it may, not generally sicknesses can be anticipated regardless of whether one always experiences a restorative examination, and a large portion of individuals become more acquainted with about the invasion of ailments ex post facto. Absence of exact forecasts makes treatment more confounded and more costly, and even frequently makes full recuperation unimaginable. Accordingly, individuals lose a gigantic measure of cash taking drugs with a point just to continue living, also recuperation.

Hi:Health is a global ecosystem analyst based on artificial intelligence. The personal ecosystem for diagnosing a human body in real time.  Applying medical reports of great amount of patients, and also indicators of health-control gadgets, we teach artificial intelligence to ensure early diagnosis of different illnesses and determine previously unidentified cause-and-effect relationship between functioning of body organs and systems of the body and outbreak of diseases. AI will be able to analyze slightest deviations, which human can’t notice, and also to get more accurate survey results (for example, electrocardiogram) resulting from clearing devices of noise. Also with the help of Al it would be possible to monitor effectiveness of treating in real time and correct doctor's prescriptions.

Within the framework of Hi:Health project it will improve already existing methods of early diagnostics and will monitor in real time the effectiveness of chosen treatments of cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma and other diseases. Our aim is to provide higher quality of life by improving people’s health condition and thus contributing to prolonging lives.  The project will allow to conduct a significant number of examinations without visiting health facilities by using diagnostic gadgets and mobile applications. In this way the project will contribute to completing tasks of modern market for medical services: it will allow to reduce overcrowding in health facilities, avoid the risks connected with human factor and will significantly make patients’ life easier. The possibility of losing medical data about examinations and violations of doctor-patient confidentiality will be reduced to zero thanks to Blockchain technology.


The doctors are specialized in certain organs or organism's system and often can’t see the overall picture;

• Lack of experience and doctors’ problems in knowledge often lead to situation, when rare diseases can be not identified;

• Lack of time that doctor has for analyzing medical history, the reason is doctor’s high workload (appointments with patients) and also documentation takes significant amounts of time;

• The complexity in the definition of the disease according to X-ray, CT, MRI studies, histological examination during nonstandard kind of disease, and also high dependence on subjective experience by an expert. 

• Based on neural networks artificial intelligence will allow to make a huge amount of difference


• Source  of  incomes  on  selling  personal  health  data  for physical  persons;

• Identifying  the  risk  of  diseases  without  visiting  doctor;

• Monitoring  the  patients’  health  in  real  time;

• DNA testing  for  recognizing  the  predisposition  to diseases,  for  choosing  the  most  appropriate  diet,  the method  how  to  keep  fit  etc.;

• Increased  profitability  for  pharmaceutical,  insurance, medical  and  other  companies.  Database  analyses  of companies  by  Hi: Health  ecosystem.


Hi:Health tokens (HIH) are going to be issued during the its ICO so that funds generated will be used to further develop the Hi:Health platform, machine learning neural networks as well as enable the platform to become more stable i.e. self-sufficient. A total of 1 billion HIH tokens and no more will be available for sale during the ICO. It is important to know that HIH tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain and are needed in order to use the full features of the Hi:Health platform apart from the basic features which are accessible for free. An increase in demand of HIH tokens as time goes on (because they are the only means for payment within the Hi:Health platform), coupled with the fact that the tokens are limited in supply, will lead to an increase in the value of the tokens

HIH tokens will be placed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges in terms from one month to 3 months after the end of the ICO. Platform users will be able to buy tokens either on our partnership exchanges, or directly at HIHealth (for this way one will have to make a request addressed to the company for buying needed quantity of tokens). When requested, we buy out the required quantity of HIH tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges and resell them to the user without any commission, but already in the frame of the platform. In that case, if there isn’t the required quantity of HIH tokens, we’ll let the user the possibility to use paid functions of HiHealth platform and the services created by us, at the expense of personal contingency fund, which will be initially consisted of HIH tokens that are going to belong to the crew (15% - 150 000 000 HIH), as long as the required quantity of tokens won’t be available on cryptocurrency exchanges.



It is known that the success of any project depends on the team behind it, the Hihealth team is made up of professionals with vast experience in fintech, IT development, marketing and communication, software development, and business development who has proven themselves to be transparent and take the success of the project as there major priorities.


•   Website: https://hihealth.io/

•Whitepaper: https://hihealth.io/assets/_HiHealthWPv0.1ENG.pdf

•   ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3252889.msg33879027#msg33879027

•   Telegram: https://t.me/HiHealth0

•   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hihealthapp/

•   Twitter: https://twitter.com/hihealthapp
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