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Author Topic: Moving from Windows to Linux and claiming forked coins.  (Read 15177 times)


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Moving from Windows to Linux and claiming forked coins.
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:03:15 PM »

I've decided that it's time I claimed my Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin gold coins, and I decided to do this by setting up a new node under Ubuntu, and moving my coins into that. Then I'll claim the coins by using the old Windows wallet. I thought I would detail the steps as I do it, and you guys can comment and tellme if I'm making any mistakes. The target computer is a lower spec HP netbook, and it has only got a small internal SSD. I bought an external 2GB Toshiba drive to run this project.

The first thing to do was to find out where Windows was storing the blockchain, and I did this by searching for "blocks" in file manager. Once I had found this, I copied the Bitcoin directory onto the Tosh drive. Make sure that you copy it, and you don't try to move it. You don't want to mess up your Windows node. You need to copy the whole Bitcoin directory and not just the blockchain by the way. Once I had done this, I could move over to the Linux machine.

Plug the hard drive into the linux notebook, and check that the files can be read. You should have a load of files in the blocks directory under Bitcoin. If those look OK then you can start to download the core software. You can do this by opening a terminal and typing the following command
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
enter the root password when prompted
Then update the Ubuntu software package list with this command
sudo apt-get update
Then install Bitcoin core itself with this command
sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt
Enter "Y" when it asks you to.
You can start  Bitcoin core by entering the following into the terminal
Alternatively you can click on the icon


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Re: Moving from Windows to Linux and claiming forked coins.
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2018, 06:12:16 PM »
Just checking in as adviced in order to have this thread in my watchlist.[/size]I am thinking about a similar thing, but not only for claiming altcoins but running an LN node (just for fun and to learn) on a Raspberry PI (I think it has a special linux OS) so this thread is really interesting for me.Thanks for suggesting to copy the whole directory of blockchain on the external drive, I saw guys compaining about the Raspberry's speed (syncing the blockchain for several days), otherwise the speed of the Raspberry seems to be decent to run a small node.