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Author Topic: Spotcoin’s place in the NEO universe; We make NEP-5 tokens work for everyone.  (Read 16339 times)


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The number of companies operating on the NEO blockchain grows every month. It’s a happy family where many of the companies work together and give each other advice or attention. Spotcoin teamed up with four of them for our airdrops, for example. Others flew out to Georgia just last week to be there when we helped launch the NEO Black Sea community. The question is: what does Spotcoin contribute? The short answer is: simple liquidity.

We will list all NEP-5 tokens on the Spotcoin exchange, where you can trade using fiat currencies from the Black Sea region, as well as euros, USD, NEO, GAS, BTC, ETH and SIB, with others often evaluated. This will make it possible for companies and suppliers operating on the NEO-blockchain to easily move in and out of digital currencies, something that at the moment can require several steps.

Interested in more Spotcoin? https://medium.com/spotcoin/spotcoins-place-in-the-neo-universe-9c6688696c23