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Bitcoin News / Safest way to login to web wallet?
« on: August 10, 2018, 01:03:17 AM »

Hi. I know desktop wallets are safer but I have a question regarding a web wallet. What is the safest way possible of logging in. Please can you rank these in order of safest to least safest. I see four ways of potentially logging in:

1. HTTPS address + Tor browser + Onion address
2. None HTTPS + Tor browser + onion address
3. HTTPS address + Standard browser + Clearnet link
4. HTTPS address + Tor browser + clearnet link

Bitcoin News / How will Quantum Computing affect Bitcoin?
« on: August 10, 2018, 12:59:44 AM »
This is purely speculative but with the price of bitcoin being heavily dependent on mining difficulty, what do you see in the future for bitcoin with quantum computing? Will everything convert to a Proof of Stake system? Thoughts?

Bitcoin-BTC / Crypto Currency Inheritance Flaw
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:11:58 PM »

    Crypto Currency Inheritance Flaw

So, it just went through my mind that there might be a flaw with Cryptos which will slowly make it's mark in the years to come. I am talking about inheritance.
Unlike regular money, which have a centralized source, cryptos are harder to inherit, since, if the original owner of the private key didn't give it to you before he passed away, then you can say good bye to those money.
Leaving aside the people that simply forgot their private keys and that sent coins to wrong addresses which have no user behind.

In 50-100 years this might be a big issues, making the actual amount of usable Bitcoin (or other coins) much lower than it should be.
What do you think?[/t]


At the moment, there are already several companies that did not indicate that in order to obtain their airdrop will need to later pass the verification of identity and provide them with personal data. For reasons of my security, the security of my accounts on exchanges, due to concerns about the confidentiality of my personal data - I'm not going to send pictures of my passports, the address of the actual accommodation to those who organize AIRDROP, I will bypass such AIRDROP and would recommend to avoid such airdrops. It's dangerous enough, so I'm never going to PR like airdrop. Similar airdrop later appear on my reputation . I've apologized three times to my followers on my blog.

Now when I write this post - I feel like don Quixote fighting windmills. But let me explain my point of view. why I consider that the companies which resort to similar tricks, are potential swindlers.
I would like to note that in most cases, these companies are asked to tell about them, retweet their post, like their page, etc.I am sure that without these likes & retweets, information about them would not reach a large number of people. And to those to whom reached it would not be able to interest, as the rating of confidence in companies that have few likes and subscribers is very low.
This is probably why they are silent about the fact that you need to go through KYC

This is inconclusive, and we can not force them to indicate the need for verification of identity. But it says something about their integrity towards the people, and therefore we must not be silent about it.

I also think that the companies that were found guilty of such manipulation, you need somewhere to write, so I propose to report information about them in this thread, I will try periodically to write down information. So I ask everyone who is also indifferent and sensitive to this issue, to leave information about such companies.

Bitcoin-BTC / Quantum computers will end Cyrpto
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:06:30 PM »

Big statement thread title haha.

Watched click on the weekend, talking about Quantum computers, they're a long long way off. I enjoy science so understand the basic theory behind quantum physics, from quantum entanglement to Schrödinger cats theory.

If the binary digits can be both 1 and 0 at the same time means that any calculation can instantaneously be worked out.

therefor when and if we ever seen Quantum computers surely they could effectively solve the entire blockchain algorithm instantly.

That's my basic understanding. So effectively crypto is not really a future currency so to speak.

Any thoughts.... I'm probably complete wrong haha

Bitcoin-BTC / Moving from Windows to Linux and claiming forked coins.
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:03:15 PM »

I've decided that it's time I claimed my Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin gold coins, and I decided to do this by setting up a new node under Ubuntu, and moving my coins into that. Then I'll claim the coins by using the old Windows wallet. I thought I would detail the steps as I do it, and you guys can comment and tellme if I'm making any mistakes. The target computer is a lower spec HP netbook, and it has only got a small internal SSD. I bought an external 2GB Toshiba drive to run this project.

The first thing to do was to find out where Windows was storing the blockchain, and I did this by searching for "blocks" in file manager. Once I had found this, I copied the Bitcoin directory onto the Tosh drive. Make sure that you copy it, and you don't try to move it. You don't want to mess up your Windows node. You need to copy the whole Bitcoin directory and not just the blockchain by the way. Once I had done this, I could move over to the Linux machine.

Plug the hard drive into the linux notebook, and check that the files can be read. You should have a load of files in the blocks directory under Bitcoin. If those look OK then you can start to download the core software. You can do this by opening a terminal and typing the following command
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
enter the root password when prompted
Then update the Ubuntu software package list with this command
sudo apt-get update
Then install Bitcoin core itself with this command
sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt
Enter "Y" when it asks you to.
You can start  Bitcoin core by entering the following into the terminal
Alternatively you can click on the icon


Am thinking of the best ways to punish people who break rules in Crypto World without desecrating Cryptocurrency privacy principle... more like an effective online alternative to the usual "Physical jail". I think this is necessary because of the issue of anonymity in Crypto/Blockchain World.     People need to be judged and punished anonymously. I think it can be done!

I am 100% for Cryptocurrency ideals. I hate when they're violated whether for good or bad. I think people's wish to be anonymous should be 100% respected. Yes, 100% can be achieved! We need to make sure all the ideals are adhered to in all our dealings with Crypto.

So Here is How We Can Go about This:

Automated trust system
There should be a Blockchain database for all our Crypto-cyber activities which no human can read nor have access to except the Blockchain & websites it is interfacing with. Our most important cyber activities will be recorded on the Blockchain. Such activities will be mostly in form of trust/reputation scores from:
 * Borrowing and repayment of Loans.
* Safe Cryptocurrency tradings.
* General financial dealings on Crypto sites.
* Activities on Crypto Forums/Social Media, Exchanges .
 *Activities on important Crypto websites.
* Ratings based on Crypto sites rules and regulations.
When you borrow loan on a Loan Site & repay early,  you get good score/rating & it is auto recorded on the Blockchain. When you Trade according to rules of a Crypto Exchange , you get rated & it's recorded on the Blockchain. When your Forum activity score is good, it gets recorded on the Blockchain. etc
To avoid cheating this system, the Blockchain must have something that is unique to you, like biometric id or other means. This will ensure that the record is (anonymously) tied to you  permanently even when you create another account on the Blockchain. If try to cheat by creating a new account, once you provide your unique ID(in biometric or others form), your previous records on the Blockchain will be found & merge to your new account.
This system will be as anonymous as Bitcoins on Blockchain.. no one knows who the owners are. Only your Reputation, just as the Bitcoins, will be publicly (and anonymously) visible.

How you get Penalized/Jailed

The Blockchain will keep records of your various websites activities. You get penalized by the Blockchain when your total scores from all your activities get Red or Poor (everything will be done automatically). You will be auto banned from using the major Cryptocurrency services. Your account and Cryptocurrencies on the services will be freezed pending when the ban is auto lifted by the Blockchain. No website that interfaces with Blockchain can render services to you until the ban is lifted. The ban length will depend on your score.

Any more suggestions on ways to Penelize people anonymously will be welcomed.

Bitcoin-BTC / Bitcoin - HYIP?
« on: July 14, 2018, 03:55:55 PM »
I think that Bitcoin is HYIP in some sense. Let me explain. Bitcoin was created like first cryptocurrency for secured transactions, but now, all the peoples are buying it just hoping it's value will grow. And here is what happens: early investors buy BTC by low price, then, late investors buy for higher price and afterwards first ones sell it and those who invested their money later lose them. I think the main problem here is that cryptocurrency is not used by it's main feature. Do you have something to say about it?

Bitcoin-BTC / Cardano Vs EOS
« on: July 14, 2018, 03:52:47 PM »

I believe that ETH has shown severe limitations that will prevent it from ever achieving widespread dApp adoption after cryptokitties was released. A blockchain capable of true scaling should not be crippled by something so simple. I appreciate the argument that ETH is early in its development and already more capable than any other smart contract enabled blockchain, however to truly shine a blockchain should be incorporated with an entirely different stratosphere of professionalism to anything we've seen in the past before. A blockchain with incredibly large funding, a huge professional and academically backed team, and most importantly, foundational tech that will allow worldwide scaling to billions of users utilizing millions of dApps. Three projects come to mind as potential ones that have the sort of vision and funding required to meet these requirements: NEO, ADA and EOS.

I've immediately dismissed NEO since it will require $10,000 USD to launch a Smart Contract and because it is based within communist China. This will prevent it from replacing ETH as "the" go-to Smart Contract platform. I do understand the argument that high entry cost prevents scam ICOs, however Smart Contracts will be used for much more than just ICOs. I believe NEO will do fantastic in China and may even take the #2 spot for a while, but for very long term forward thinking, I don't think it will remain there. I also dismissed NEO since a majority of participants will be allowed to vote-in changes, and as far as I understand also potentially alter transactions. That is a heavy red flag for me. For these reasons I've narrowed my focus to just Cardano and EOS.

Now back to EOS vs ADA. Here is the issue with discussions I've encountered so far: If you go to either the EOS or Cardano reddit, or their own respective communities, both will present very convincing arguments of how they're in an "entirely different dimension" to the other project. It's incredibly hard to find a detailed, impartial discussion as to which will ultimately take the lead as the Smart Contract platform to replace ETH.

Here are my thoughts so far focusing on the benefits of each project -

EOS will raise some $1 billion in capital. No matter how far behind it may be from Cardano academically, that's an incredible amount of money to play with that could enable it to become something miraculous. No other project will probably raise these sorts of funds again for years to come. Dan Miller is also a very respected blockchain programmer with live examples of successful projects. Also, this will be a project that supports the spirit of open source and the blockchain movement. Its spirit and vision will always have decentralization away from government control in mind.

Cardano has published a lot of literature in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Papers that have been actually reviewed by cryptographers and scientists. It brings together a wealth of independent people that are all individually capable of great things, and puts them at work together on this large-scale project. Its founder has shown he can stick by the principle of "immutability" instead of "rule of the mob" by supporting Ethereum Classic and not supporting the Ethereum hard fork. Many people see this as a negative, I see it as a positive and respect the principle of immutability. I believe immutability is the whole reason we are here. If you respect the decision of 51% of people to reverse transactions, then why don't we stick with Republicans Vs Democrats and whatever they want to do with fiat? Since the winning party technically represents the majority. It's no different, and in my opinion has nothing to do with Satoshi Nakamoto's vision.

Now for the negatives -

Two things concern me with EOS: The project is too heavily reliant upon Dan Miller and his capabilities. A revolutionary new Smart Contract platform will need to survive on its own, and not on the reputation of one man. Also, it lacks the widespread academic research of Cardano supporting it.

As for Cardano, whilst it has widespread academic backing, its ICO raised less than a tenth of what EOS will. Even if this does end up being the better platform in theory, there is a real chance EOS could eclipse it through sheer funding alone, by hiring the best programmers in the world to rival whatever forward steps ADA may make. There is also a concern that ADA was created by a private company - Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). How much influence they will have over the independent immutability of ADA I am unsure of. My biggest gripe with ADA: Its ICO wasn't widely advertised and was mostly available only to Japanese participants. This goes against the open nature of crypto whereby ICOs are usually widely advertised, especially here on BitCoinTalk before launching. It was the complete opposite of what EOS did, which was to launch the fairest and most open ICO in history.

As an overall, EOS has the reputation of Dan Miller, a huge amount of funding, and the spirit of blockchain at its core. ADA on the other hand has real academic peer-reviewed backing and an immensely large team of professional academics behind it. It doesn't depend upon one or two individuals to keep it together.

All in all, I am utterly confused as to which platform I should pay the most attention to in terms of investment, development, and promotion. I know the common answer is "both", but I'd really like to pick one and ride with it.

So, in your opinion which project will take the lead in the future to become the next #2 coin after BTC, potentially replacing ETH as the "go to" Smart Contract platform? And what are your reasons for thinking that?

Bitcoin-BTC / US deficit
« on: July 14, 2018, 01:22:59 PM »

The idiot Republicans in the US congress just massively increased spending. Over the next few years, the yearly deficit will probably double from $600 billion to $1.2 trillion as a result. I have very little faith in congress, and there's a long history of the Republicans and Democrats working together to recklessly increase both military and domestic spending, but even I was surprised by just how ridiculous this spending increase was.

Previously most people would say that although they didn't want to balance the budget this year, in the future it could be balanced. Republicans would sometimes lay out plans to balance the budget in 15 years or some such nonsense. But people will soon be realizing that this is never going to happen now. In a few years just the interest on the debt will be 5% of GDP or more, and this will grow exponentially.

I think that this will come to a point of crisis within the next decade. How do you guys see things playing out? Several possibilities come to my mind:

 - The US prints money like crazy, probably to the point of hyperinflation.
 - The US explicitly defaults on its bonds. This'd basically be armageddon for everything in contact with the fiat financial system (eg. banks, stocks, retirement funds, etc.), worldwide.
 - Taxes are massively increased. Income tax increases probably wouldn't be sufficient; they'd probably need a national VAT of 15-25% to even begin to bring the budget in order. But there are serious political and legal impediments to such a thing.
 - I really can't see them cutting spending in any significant way, but maybe it'd be possible if tons of politicians were replaced and/or the crisis grew large enough.
What I'd recommend they do is default on the bonds and just live with the few years of massive fallout, while simultaneously cutting spending massively. But there's very little chance of that. The hyperinflation route seems most likely to me.

(In any case, it's probably good for crypto...)

Bitcoin-BTC / Can my MTGOX losses be declared as a loss on taxes?
« on: July 14, 2018, 01:21:54 PM »

In 2014 when Gox went down, it took a lot of people's BTC with it. I am not looking for a discussion on what/why happened. I have been hodl BTC all this time, and at the end of 2017 I sold a little on Coinbase.

It's much below the level of USD$20k that is being bantered about, on Coinbase reporting to the IRS. If I sell in the future, I don't want the IRS to flag me as anything, and look back to say "Ah, in 2017 you sold a few fractions of BTC and did not report it", so I plan to enter it as long-term capital gains for 2017 (I've held it for more than a year and a day).


Before getting deeply engaged into Emerging Technologies and Blockchain in specific, I used to be a Data Networking Expert.....I am an active CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) since like 13 years.
Curious to know if anyone here is/was a Data Networking Professional &/or Expert....& how do they see blockchain as related to the data networking industry?

« on: July 14, 2018, 01:19:17 PM »

As a result of proliferation of airdrops and tokens everywhere, i am beginning to get really worried.
Between last year and January this year, i filled airdrop forms with so much hope and high expectations. But this is clearly not the case any more.
Imagine, i got 1,000,000 tokens after sending 0.001 Eth to a contract address.

My fear is, wont this token end up being shit tokens/coins.

What are your views.



I’m pretty new to this crypto world and this forum. I have a background in poker, and I notice a shared fallacy among poker players and many people on this forum.
That is to treat the dollars out of your initial investment differently from the dollars profited.
Almost to the extend that they are treated as 2 different currencies.
Where for the first it’s a disaster if you dip into it and the other can be thrown around like its playmoney.
It’s really irrational to look at it in this way. A dollar profit is just as much yours and you can buy just as much with it.
It’s this type of thinking that leaves you vulnerable to being exploited.
In poker I sometimes saw someone making literally 2 stacks of money in a live cash game. One starting stack and other profit. Near the end of the evening these people could easily be bluffed out of a hand by placing a bet that was a little larger than their profit stack.
Same is applicable to the crypto-world, it’s this type of thinking that leads to stupid decisions like selling during a dip because you almost touched your initial investment and that (in your mind) needs to be avoided at all cost.
If it’s really a disaster to touch your initial investment it probably means that you invested too much and that leads you to becoming ‘scared money’ and that again leads to blurry decisions.

Just my 2 cents, hope it’s helpful to anyone.

Serious, not being ironic. I am very new to crypto and I think I am a little late at the party.
[/color]We watched a crazy altcoins raise in December but I think that was just because people were looking for the "new Bitcoin". Chasing tenfold gains.[/size]
[/color]Aside from 'i believe in the technology' I think most of us are here for the money.[/size]
[/color]To me it's a little difficult to understand why holding altcoins. I had them, but yesterday moved everything to btc and I think I'll leave it all there[/size]

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