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Start Earning / Post Affiliate Links With Banners For Free
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:16:55 AM »
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Start Earning / Win Free Satoshi
« on: November 10, 2018, 05:40:33 PM »

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Honestly i am not that big fan of bitcoin but i pay special attention to the cashless society and the blockchain technology. The thing i want to know is that what things that the bitcoin can bring to the society but behind the Bitcoin the technology itself is very powerful. So my job in alibaba.com is trying to making sure to move the world into a cashless society. The society can make every body equal to get the money they need and making sure its a sustainable inclusive and transparent. I hate corruption, if i don't have an opportunity it's OK but i don't want somebody through dirty way take away my opportunity. This is why we want a cashless society. But Bitcoin we watch it very carefully i will not say i am a fan of bitcoin i am always as cures as somebody else do. I don't think i am expert in that and I don't pretend i know.
There is one thing I want to share with all of you one day when you do business or do whatever if you don't know, it's not shameful but if you don't know and you pretend you know it is a very shameful. And I say I don't know about Bitcoin.


Bitcoin could wind up eating 5% of the world's electricity
Even more, the quantity of electricity presently utilized by a single bitcoin transaction is equal to the electricity an average residence in the Netherlands uses in a month.

Economist and blockchain expert Alex de Vries, who operates at PwC in the Netherlands, forecasts that if bitcoin's cost and need carry on and raise, it could end up eating 5% of the world's electricity later on

Today in this post we will talk about DASH and the more particular I want to give you guys my price predictions about Dash to the end of 2018.
So a little info about What DASH is? and What i think to be worth to the end of 2018

What is DASH and What It will be Worth?

Let's first have a look at DASH did till the end of 2017.

So in the Jan it was only $11 cost and at the end of 2017 it's over $1100. So a little calculation brings you to awesome
numbers of times 1 hundred and it is pretty crazy actually in terms of what cryptocurrency did, but DASH yet came
from very far in actually. I never had the feeling for DASH that was really hype. It always wind up very slowly
if you compare it to the growth of other cryptocurrencies which sometimes wind up with 60,70 and sometimes 100%. If you consider Ripple which increases in 2017 very crazy. For DASH as you see it winds up very slowly and if you see it didn't a lot for a last few months and then it suddenly winds up from 300 to 1000. But it is still a very quality Cryptocurrency.

What is DASH?

DASH Basically wants to become a new kind of Paypal. It wants to become a real online payment system so if you have Paypal right now then DASH wants to create something very similar but with its own Cryptocurrency with DASH and probably also Bitcoin is going to be integrate and their platform will be called the DASH evolution platform. There is still a lot of speculation about DASH evolution platform because in my opinion it really can be very first platform which brings like real adoption to the market. Now why do i think that? if you compare other cryptocurrencies i don't know other currency that is focusing so much
on becoming a payment platform than DASH. All other wants to become a payment system but they actually don't manage to do it but DASH is doing this.
So, DASH evolution platform once it will be released and open for everyone i think we will see a lot of partnership as well because
what you need to know about DASH they did a very good marketing in the beginning of this year for themselves. Dash done wind up a lots but actually since that movement i think that DASH didn't really have a lot of marketing anymore. The DASH really focus on the products for building DASH evolution platform, making a lot of partnership etc. We don't know a lot of these partnerships but i think personally some of these partnerships that will be in 2018 that this will be really huge and i talk about the really
biggest online stores which few of those should work as partnership so that we will make use of DASH evolution platform just as they accept paypal.
DASH have very bright future in 2018. As i said the very first Cryptocurrency and the best one in the good position to become a real everyday usage Cryptocurrency and that is what DASH wants to become as well.
So my price prediction for DASH in 2018 i think we will see it goes 7 times and it will be just under $8000 and if we do marketcap it will be $63 billion and that is really reasonable.
And that's what i think DASH will be worth by the end of 2018, actually only because of their evolution platform. As i said once again that is really revolutionary in the cryptocurrency industry. And we don't know yet something like this and i really speculating on the fact that DASH spent all these months of silence just to focus on making new partnerships and getting everything ready.

General Discussion / Why Cryptocurrency Will Take Over the World?
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:39:52 PM »
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Why does this rock(Coin or digital currency) and yes this is a pretty little piece of rock, why does it sell for 3000 US dollars or more. Aside from its use injury and electronics the rock gold is given a great deal of value by many people as a head against government money. And when i say head against govt money what i mean is that there is a history of government monies being hyper inflated to do things like pay for wars or fond the luxurious lifestyles of non producing politicians and based long story short it results in a people buying loaves of breads with barrows full of govt money that sort of things. So to protect themselves from the risk of that happening to the government currency that they use a lot of people will pay a lot of money to hold little pieces of rocks.

The difference between these two(Real money and Coin) is that the rock is exceptionally difficult to create more of whereas the real money can be printed up in a sketchy Rbi or in a sketchy basement or in a sketchy big fancy building. So the rock or the gold is such a superior form of money, Why is it not used nearly as much or even ever in comparison to real money?. Well, it's do a little thought experiment that kind of boarders on real life i found this extremely groovy sort of MP3 player on amazon recently and it was at $6 or something, shipping from china, so richest and so cheap.

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Let's imagine that i wanted to pay for it with a good sound solid money like the rock or metal. To get $6 worth of this piece of rock i would need only to shave of the proper amount with a file and weight on a scale and rapid in a paided envelop and insure it as in give the envelop insurance which would probably cost more than the cost of MP3 and by the time the envelop landed in china two weeks later the gold shaving may have fluctuated in value and the seller might even find himself out on what his profit margin what have been.

Clearly, this observed example demonstrate why that rock that was such a superior money is not used to buy things. If only there were a way that one person could send diddled gold to another person in a peer to peer sort of fashion, you might call it. Another words if only gold came with its own payment network.

Welcome to Cryptocurrency my friends. Let's going to take over the world.

OneCoin News / OneCoin latest news Updates in April 2018
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:05:26 AM »

This post will speak OneCoin latest news updates in 2018 :) . besides the current reported in this content many new OneCoin updates and interesting excitement are coming towards you. however have patience!

before starting, allow me to have a analysis present promotions.

There are certainly 3 promotions currently occurring.

1. the next cut up is a DOUBLE split for all those who upgraded after the third October 2017, we're very near this occurring.

2. As of the 22nd March, all who upgrade will obtain an additional split in their back workplace.

3. until the subsequent split (around the corner) there are no boundaries on how commonly a person can upgrade their account.

The OneLife community (OLN) is a developing its network worldwide that was born out of the OneCoin currency brand. The community has a virtual level with a special portfolio of advanced merchandise. And other social networking gear which can be supporting participants in reaching monetary independence. individuals can without difficulty get entry to a variety of e-mastering packages that guide them observe economic concept to exercise.

you can also study: OneCoin release Date, the whole lot You want to know

OneCoin latest news Updates
The big-scale media is involved with the research performed with the aid of the Bulgarian government with the participation of German prosecutors, throughout which the OneCoin head office and its associated workplaces (One community services, and many others.) performed an investigation. Questioning workers and holding press conferences – a popular “program” for the press to trap up on warm subjects, and inside the blink of an eye, copied commonly on many special web sites.
The hassle is that the facts in numerous media nearly usually appears in various variations. personnel have been investigated, press meetings had been given – a trendy “process” when media get a warm topic and, inside no time, it is replicated on many web sites.

Records have proved that in the long run – nobody was detained, no person was charged, and no proof of unlawful pastime changed into observed, both in the Republic of Bulgaria or in different nations wherein the employer operates. The complete raid appeared to be superb due to the fact a few cryptographic professionals ranked it after the press hurricane surpassed away. legal suggest and legal professionals who're managing the case said that the lawsuit has ended in greater than 6,000 pages of documents plus a huge number of files, however so far there's no legitimate proof, but simplest alleged violations of any crook regulation.The research was precipitated by the anonymous sign. one of the important allegations in opposition to OneCoin’s cryptocurrency is that it does not have a actual blockchain. but, this is in contradiction with the specific record performed by IT specialists and hired by means of the office of the Prosecutor. The report said that the total range of transactions changed into correct and did no longer violate the primary standards of blockchain era. That's more than a strong evidence of the life of a blockchain.


Chicago-based totally types exchange CME organization stated that it has options to evaluate consumer attention for an Ethereum futures product now that it has released a price catalog and benchmark for Ethereum, the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency.

talking with Bloomberg at the sidelines of an enterprise convention in ny, Tim McCourt, CME’s head of equity merchandise, said that the exchange owner will check the waters to peer if there's adequate call for to warrant the formation of an Ethereum futures item, although the company does no longer yet presently have options to list deals that track the cost of ether.

“We will preserve to determine with them to check the need for futures,” he stated. “There aren't any strategies on the trade to release one presently.”

As CCN mentioned, CME on Monday launched its new benchmark Ether Reference charge and Ether actual Time Index, every of which allows audited costs records for ETH/USD trading pairs. Records are aggregated from cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken and Bitstamp after which measured by means of united kingdom cryptocurrency types exchange Crypto centers.

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In addition, McCourt stated that CME has recognized a “clear demand” for physically paid out cryptocurrency futures. At the moment, both CME and other Chicago exchange CBOE provide futures agreements which are bound to the fee of bitcoin, however, are paid out in cash — not cryptocurrency — because of numerous legal and regulation problems. “There is a clear demand for it inside the industry; individuals would delightful that advancement ,” he stated, also he said:

“For a physical distribution you need to discern out where to start with the Bitcoin; are you going the legal care course, are you planning the personal key path, those are really exciting questions and we are looking ahead to some of those answers obtaining themselves inside the market, but at the moment the network is excellent served by an economic agreement.”

someplace else in the interview, McCourt reach again at statements that CME’s bitcoin futures product release induced the current undergo market. Figuring that bitcoin actually peaked at a high record on 17 Dec. The instant that CME listed bitcoin commodity — experts at america Federal Reserve suggested that the endure industry turned into the end result of investors taking on quick placements in futures.

McCourt, even though, stated that despite the fact that futures volume has expanded significantly for the reason that markets opened, it became a ways very small in Dec to be liable for a complete-fledged selloff.

“in case you look at the notional that deals, it’s hard to mention that futures have been accountable for that selloff given the really tiny percent contribution to Bitcoin trading,” he stated.

It’s been nicely over a day for the reason that Bitcoin cash (BCH) network upgraded its protocol, and the agreement policies now include a 32MB block size. Although the block size increase is really a feat, BCH developers have additionally improved the community’s default records-provider-size to 220 Bytes and re-enabled some old Satoshi OP_Codes that were removed before from in advance codebases. Now over the last 24-hours, many persons were gambling around with the brand new BCH functions.

Experimenting With the brand new BCH OP_Codes

plenty of Bitcoin cash network participants were speaking about the new OP_Code capabilities and the extra area delivered to the community’s default records-provider-size. the primary signs of humans messing around with the new capabilities got here from the Memo and Blockpress builders as both platform’s expanded posting individual restriction from seventy nine to 217.

this indicates customers of both social media packages can now publish greater content material and the whole lot is stored on-chain. Then quickly after the pay, another OP_Code function become shown to the network through Openbazaar developer Chris Pacia.

The first Tree Signature on the BCH *Bitcoin cash) Blockchain

Pacia built the primary tree signature on the BCH blockchain through using the OP_CAT capability — which builds a greater green multi-signature mixture. The Openbazaar developer points out for addresses with a huge quantity of keys, a tree signature can use less information. “For addresses with a huge wide variety of keys a tree signature can use less records. And in contrast to regular OP_CHECKMULTISIG, it doesn’t need you to show the keys that have been no longer used inside the signing,” Pacia describes to the Bitcoin cash network on may 15. furthermore, Pacia indicates his demonstration thru a block explorer URL which shows it turned into a 1 of eight multi-sig tree signature.

Show Posts - Crypto

Many people have been very inspired with the brand new multi-sig operation that indicates advancement in multi-signature generation, and one that would upload extra Bitcoin cash privacy inside the future. Pacia information his example is a subset of MAST — which signifies ‘Merkelized summary Syntax bushes.’ MAST may want to enhance BCH privateness due to the fact positive multi-sig scripts may be saved hidden.

“that is like a subset of MAST,” Pacia explains. 

MAST is extra widespread however can’t be executed with the contemporary opcodes as a ways as I recognise — If we had OP_EVAL then we may want to I assume.


The owner of Reddit Mr.Alexis Ohanian stated that he forecasts the price of Ethereum (ETH) will arrive at $15,000 in this year, Reported by fortune.com on May 2, 2018.

Alexis, who currently works regular with a venture capital (VC) corporation Initialized Capital, claimed in an interview, “Till the end of 2018, Bitcoin price will reach at $20,000. And ETH (Ethereum) will gain a price at $15,000. Fantastic, now folks can call me out if I’m incorrect.” He explained that he is positive on Ethereum due to the fact “individuals are in fact developing on it.”

Should Alexis’s forecast confirm true, the Ethereum market cap would increase from $67 billion to almost $2.5 trillion, while Bitcoin would retrieve to last year’s record great price and market cap of $340 billion.

His company Initialized Investment greater than $250 million property under management and has spent in significant exchange Coinbase. He further stated in the interview that making an investment in growing and impressive technology is a goal for the business. He also said that blockchain, while appealing, will need one to two years to achieve its real perspective:


In the year 2018, it’s all about blockchain. The majority of it is just boasting and BS, the same as how it was with [synthetic thinking ability] and [machine learning]. A lot of the truly important, protocol-level, primary facilities around software and blockchain will have to get constructed in the upcoming year or two for us to definitely see the Web 3.0 we are actually expecting for... These are the kinds of factors I believe will create the base for a very unique, far better Internet.

Mr.Alexis sold Reddit to publishing house Conde Nast in 2006 for an unknown price between $10 and $20 million.

In April, CEO of independent monetary consulting organization deVere Group Nigel Green estimated that the Ethereum price would arrive at $2,500 at the end of 2018. Green claims the fourfold raise would come consequently of increasing usage of ETH and also the usage of intelligent agreements.

The popular project capitalist and cryptocurrency buyer Tim Draper has stated his 4 year forecast after holding back his claims in some discussions some days ago. Now Draper, who accurately predicted bitcoin’s value would go over $10,000 USD per coin by 2018, considers in only 4 years the price will be $250,000.

Tim Draper is a venture capitalist who has an entire large amount of cash bound in technology-based purchases. Draper is a powerful believer in cryptocurrency alternatives and blockchain technology. This person has been a quite well-known determine among the bitcoin community for pretty a while. Back in 2014, Draper expected 4 years before it occurred that by 2018 the price of bitcoin could be above $10,000. In addition, Draper invested as what he said, and bought 30,000 BTC for an unknow price at the U.S. Marshals Silk Road bitcoin market. The identify value of those coins were truly worth $19 million at that time, and these days that purchase should be value a minimum of $239 million.

Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Aims Higher After Price Breakout
« on: April 14, 2018, 05:46:31 PM »

BTC shut last night over $7,500, verifying a dual bottom favorable breakout and the dropping wedge change. The breakout was also supported by solid volumes.

Traction research indicate a 5-day going average (MA) and 10-day MA popular north, showing bullish setup. The general power index has gone higher than 50.00 (into the bullish territory).

So, the trend has converted favoring the bulls, at the very least for the short-term.

Bitcoin News / Latest Bitcoin Scandal
« on: April 14, 2018, 11:49:33 AM »

On Thursday night, story come up from numerous local channels which reported that two guys were detained in Singapore. The charges? Being the masterminds regarding the newest Bitcoin scandal. That is if you think about what the two guys did to be a

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