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ETH-Ethereum / PhoenixMiner_v3.0 +10% Profit
« on: August 11, 2018, 01:14:22 AM »
PhoenixMiner[/size] is the fastest (perhaps the fastest) Etash (ETH, ETC, Muiscoin, EXP, UBQ, etc.), which supports[/size]Both on AMD cards, and on Nvidia (including on farms). It runs under Windows x64and Fees only 0.65% (the lowest% compared to analogues). The
You can download PhoenixMiner 3.0 from here:https:// mega. nz/#!jyo1waCQ!YneXnkH0Qv6ywtxi3dlAD-iX0jf7lKJ2En63NdUa9W0Support:Supports AMD Vega, 580/570/480/470, 460/560, Fury, 390/290 and older AMD GPUs with enough VRAMSupports Nvidia 10x0 and 9x0, as well as older maps with enough VRAM
  • Highly optimized OpenCL and CUDA cores for maximum production speed
  • The lowest development fee is 0.65% (35 seconds yields production for every 90 minutes)
  • Advanced statistics: the actual complexity of each stock, as well as an effective hash-hat in the pool
  • Generate DAG files in the GPU for faster startup and DAG epoxy switches
  • Supports all pools in the etash mining area and stratum protocols
  • Support for secure connections to the pool (for example, ssl: eu1 ethermine org: 5555) to prevent attacks using IP attacks
  • Detailed statistics, including individual hash hash cards, shares, temperature and fan speed
  • Unlimited number of failover pools in the epools.txt configuration file (or two on the command line)
  • Configure the GPU for AMD GPUs to achieve maximum performance with your installation
  • Support for devfee in alternative floor currencies, such as ETC, EXP, Music, UBQ, Pirl, Ellaism and Metaverse ETP. This allows you to use old cards with little VRAM or low hashing in current DAG epochs (for example, GTX970).
  • Full compatibility with the industry standard Claymore Dual Ethereum, including most command line parameters,
    configuration files and remote monitoring and management.
  • Profitable to mine ETH, yields capacities by 10% more than similar miners
  • Additional features coming soon!
  • Examples of settings for different pools.ethermine org (ETH):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool eu1.ethermine org:4444 -pool2 us1 ethermine org:4444 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3ethermine org (ETH, secure connection):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool ssl: // ethermine org: 5555 -pool2 ssl: //us1 ethermine org: 5555 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3ethpool org (ETH):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool eu1 ethpool org:3333 -pool2 us1 ethpool org:3333 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3dwarfpool com (ETH):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool eth-eu dwarfpool com:8008 -wal YourEthWalletAddress / WorkerName -pass xnanopool org (ETH):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool eu1.nanopool org:9999 -wal YourEthWalletAddress / WorkerName -pass xnicehash (ethash):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool stratum + tcp: //daggerhashimoto eu nicehash com: 3353 -wal YourBtcWalletAddress -pass x -proto 4 -stales 0f2pool (ETH):PhoenixMiner.exe -epool eth f2pool com:8008 -ewal YourEthWalletAddress -pass x -worker WorkerNameminingpoolhub (ETH):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool us-east ethash-hub miningpoolhub com:20535 -wal YourLoginName.WorkerName -pass x -proto 1coinotron com (ETH):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool coinotron com:3344 -wal YourLoginName.WorkerName -pass x -proto 1ethermine org (ETC):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool eu1-etc ethermine org:4444 -wal YourEtcWalletAddress.WorkerNamedwarfpool com (EXP):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool exp-eu.dwarfpool com:8018 -wal YourExpWalletAddress / WorkerNameminingpoolhub (MUSIC):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool europe ethash-hub miningpoolhub com:20585 -wal YourLoginName.WorkerName -pass x -proto 1ubiqpool (UBIQ):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool stratum + tcp: //eu ubiqpool io: 8008 -wal YourUbiqWalletAddress -pass x -worker WorkerNameminerpool net (PIRL):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool pirl minerpool net:8002 -wal YourPirlWalletAddress -pass x -worker WorkerNamedodopool com (Metaverse ETP):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool etp dodopool com:8008 -wal YourMetaverseETPWalletAddress -worker Rig1 -pass xminerpool net (Ellaism):PhoenixMiner.exe -pool ella minerpool net:8002 -wal YourEllaismWalletAddress -worker Rig1 -pass x

Supported OS:
  • Windows 7/10
  • Ubuntu
  • EthOS
  • nvOC
  • SimpleMining OS

  • Current version 0.0.33
  • Support SMS/Telegram/Push notifications when:
    – GPU temperature gets higher than required
    – GPU temperature gets lower than required
    – Miner is not responding for X amount of minutes
    – GPU Fan speed is lower than X
    – GPU Fan speed is higher than X
    – Miner hashrate too low
    – GPU hashrate too low
  • Supports multiple miners with one local software installed.
  • Log file support.
  • CCMiner-Alexis 1.0
  • CCMiner Palgin skunk mod
  • CCMiner SP Skunk mods
  • CCMiner >= 2.0
  • EWBF Support
  • XMR-Stak
  • SGMiner
  • dstm ZM
  • EthMiner
  • BMiner
  • PhoenixMiner
  • Excavator by NiceHash (1.4, 1.5)
  • Claymore’s Dual Miner support
  • Added SSL support for data update.
  • ASIC AntMiner support

  • Web servise

  • Dailiy profit graph
  • profit calculation based on current hashrate and power
  • Hashrate graphs
  • Temp graphs
  • Power usage graphs
  • EthControl v0.0.19a
  • Supports CCMiner auto-restart when CPU does not validate.
  • Supports EWBF auto-restart when cuda device thread exited.
  • Bulk updates for remote configuration / install.
  • Ethminer full monitoring with GPU hashrate, GPU temp and GPU fan speeds.
  • Remote rig reboot support.
  • Remote stop/start support for mining software.
  • Web console for remote diagnostics
  • Automatic miner software installation support and updates
  • GPU monitoring.
  • Afterburner profile loading
  • Starts with windows automatically
  • Crash reports
  • CCMiner “invalidate cpu” error auto-restart
  • Easily deploy custom ccminer forks, claymore updates, custom software to multiple rigs

  • Supports
  • CCminer
  • Cast XMR
  • EthMiner
  • Claymore dual miner
  • ZM dstm
  • EWBF
  • eMiner
  • bMiner
  • Phoenix Miner
  • Excavator
  • Gateless gate
  • XMR-Stak
  • Cast-XMR
  • How to use:
    Download windows binary from here:  https://mega.nz/#!am4iiaoI!0FAlVEgQbjFzfmZU_w6fvjFRZyLp9_w6DTHFZgfSrko

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