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General Discussion / Reason to be on Asura Platform!
« on: July 30, 2018, 08:21:55 PM »

• Asura World is the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, powered by NEO.

• 427 million people will be watching esports by 2019"
Is this really a market you want to ignore? I think Not.

Asura coin is bringing a better solution to the world of esports and making things work for everyone by creating "one platform for all eSports need"
Asura tackled every section involved in running a perfect eSport platform.
Online sport betting, to the perfect betting system, free of charge live-streaming, recruiting top professional gamers down to encouraging community members to submit creative betting ideas.....

• Asura World also launched the first Asura World Gamer’s Collection. Sale will begin post launch of Asura World Community Center, all Asura World Apparels are available for purchasing via

• Asura welcomed Jimmy on board as our Official Ambassador for Dota 2!.

• Latest update on partnership deal
Asura Coin X SpotCoin Strategic.
Asura Coin and Spotcoin officially team up as strategic partners for the betterment of each project’s growth. This partnership will be a deeper relationship to assist each other in the future than a surface layer partnership.
• Asura coin Partnered with Fujian eGaming Tournament Group.

So much reason to join the ICO.
24hours!! Left Dont waste the opportunity to get more Asura Coin.

More information about Asura coin ICO
Website: https://asuracoin.io
Telegram: @AsuraCoin
Twitter: @Asuracoin
Reddit: /r/AsuraCoin/

General Discussion / Re: BEST UPCOMING ICO TO INVEST IN 2018
« on: July 14, 2018, 01:42:41 AM »
Nice write up. You could also look into Spotcoin,
You can invest in ICO, spotcoin for example is near to start the Ico and the project is promising indeed reason been;
Spotcoin is already part of the smart economy having matured as a market leader in the Black Sea Region conducting over $10M in OTC trade volume in 2017. This success led to $1M in seed funding, allowing the company to grow from 3 to 27 employees. Spotcoin serves institutional investors, merchants, miners, professional and retail traders. Spotcoin intends to build the Black Sea region’s first comprehensive digital asset ecosystem. This plan includes development of the Spotcoin digital exchange, the Spotpay payment system, a 25MW mining facility utilizing renewable energy, and the inauguration of the Black Sea Blockchain Institute.
Read the complete article

join twitter page for update

General Discussion / Spotcoin Close-up: Introducing Spotpay.
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:39:14 PM »

It’s great to have digital currencies, but where do you spend them?
As a finale, we want to share a bit of insight into Spotcoin’s very own webshop and retail payment concept. As part of our mission to makedigital currencies work for everyone, Spotcoin wants business transactions to become easy, integrated, and open to everyone.

What is Spotpay?
Spotpay is a merchant payment system built on a customizable digital asset payment API. Digital wallets provide consumers with fast, low-cost, and secure point of sale (POS) transactions, and merchants the freedom to select the payment structures that fit their unique needs.

•Where can you use it?
•What currencies are supported?
•Full flexibility?
•When will it be live?
•As a SPOT token holder, will this bring me dividends?

All this questions are answered in the article below.

If you are interested in learning more about the exchange, or our other business lines: Check out our Whitepaper.
Don't forget to join twitter page


Asura World is proud to invite DeMoN on board as our Dota 2 Ambassador. DeMoN, or otherwise known as Jimmy Ho, is one of the most recognized Dota 2 player in the world!.
Having played on major teams such as Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, TNC, Complexity Gaming, Infamous, Fnatic, Digital Chaos, and more. Jimmy’s knowledge and experience with Dota 2’s pro scene is unrivaled and together with Asura World, DeMoN will not only be representing the Asura World brand at global Dota 2 events but also with content and coaching later for the Asura World community.

Interested in more asura



The number of companies operating on the NEO blockchain grows every month. It’s a happy family where many of the companies work together and give each other advice or attention. Spotcoin teamed up with four of them for our airdrops, for example. Others flew out to Georgia just last week to be there when we helped launch the NEO Black Sea community. The question is: what does Spotcoin contribute? The short answer is: simple liquidity.

We will list all NEP-5 tokens on the Spotcoin exchange, where you can trade using fiat currencies from the Black Sea region, as well as euros, USD, NEO, GAS, BTC, ETH and SIB, with others often evaluated. This will make it possible for companies and suppliers operating on the NEO-blockchain to easily move in and out of digital currencies, something that at the moment can require several steps.

Interested in more Spotcoin? https://medium.com/spotcoin/spotcoins-place-in-the-neo-universe-9c6688696c23


Want to know more what Effect.AI has been up to? Effect Force Private Beta launched on June 28th, Chris Dawe hosted a panel on Quant Trading at Huobi summit in Amsterdam and we presented a demo of Effect Force at AI Blockchain Expo!



The community’s goal is to contribute to the smart economy as envisioned by NEO, in the Black Sea region. Spotcoin is one of the founding members, together with independent developers and entrepreneurs based in countries around the Black Sea. On its own NEO Black Sea Facebook page, the community published a brief statement:

"We are inspired by NEO. We believe in its transparency and pragmatism, in its power to create for the future and in its promise of continuous improvement. We believe NEO’s smart economy will bring a positive change to the world and we will contribute to that in the Black Sea Region.”

Spotcoin has a strong involvement in both the NEO community and the Black Sea Region, bringing simple liquidity from fiat to digital currencies including all NEO NEP-5 tokens. Its first geographical focus is on the Black Sea Region, where it is actively involved with education and government projects in an advisory role. Its mission is to make digital currencies work for everyone, especially the NEO community.



Simple liquidity isn’t just a catchy marketing gimmick. It is the life blood of our business, and the driving force for everything we do.

But what is the Over-the Counter (OTC) Marketplace and why is ours special? Read on to learn five key things you need to know about the Spotcoin OTC.

1. A proven method
2. Next business day settlements
3. We’re making it even better
4. Quarterly dividends for SPOT holders
5. The go-to OTC marketplace for Big Trades

Interested in more Spotcoin?

Announcements / Spotcoin Pre-ICO Whitelist Opens June 6th
« on: June 05, 2018, 03:26:00 AM »
To embrace blockchain is to embrace startups, It’s almost time to join the Spotcoin Whitelist.What is SpotcoinSpotcoin is developing a complete digital asset management toolkit. One intuitive interface that will provide access to digital asset markets, over-the-counter trading (OTC), mining and payments. Spotpay allows for fast, cheap, convenient retail transactions using digital assets. Spotcoin supports new distributed ledger technologies by investing in promising startups and training the blockchain workforce of tomorrow through its innovative Blockchain Institute and Accelerator Program. And spotcoin have a high rating of 4.6 on IcobenchmarkNow Spotcoin’s Pre-ICO Whitelist opens on Wednesday June 6th at 18:00 (GMT/UTC+4), and with it, your chance to profit from a 20% Pre-ICO discount on SPOT tokens. That’s like a Private Sale discount without the lockup period.For more information kindly read this;
Thank you for buying into the next Big exchange.


Show Posts - EtriliciousFor more information about upcoming ico;
Visit website at asuracoin.io

Got it.. Already subscribed.
For those that are looking for ico or project to believe in. Come do your research in Asura and Dont waste time ico is going live 2nd June.

Here is few details on how the ico will go on the first day.
Show Posts - Etrilicious

The reason why Asura will do great is because Asura World is the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, and it is powered by NEO.

Asura World aims to unite the global eSport community by incentivizing users to simply be kind & helpful towards others. Asura World aims to provide in-depth game analyses to guide players through the intricate details of professional gameplay.

Now tell me any Project that is better than Asura in terms if what Asura is offering...
Join Asura Token sale!!!
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Its start 2nd of June with a huge 20% only on the first 24hours of sale...
Don't miss this chance to hold extra token of the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, powered by NEO.

Token= ASA
Price 1 NEO = 5,000 ASA
Bonus Available (20% for first 24hours)
Platform= NEO
Accepting= NEO
Minimum investment= 1 NEO
Hard cap= 12,000,000 USD
Country= New Zealand
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China

More information on Asura coin ICOWebsite: asuracoin.io
Telegram: @AsuraCoin
Twitter: @Asuracoin
Reddit: /r/AsuraCoin/

If you still deciding in the coin to buy. Here's more information on Asura coin.
Show Posts - Etrilicious


Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen.

Mr. Peter Shen CEO of Asura World, previously involved in the Chinese eCommerce market after partnering up with NZBC, a partner of TMall [part of Alibaba Group].

Mr.Peter Shen was asked, There are many ways to earn your ASA tokens can you provide us a general breakdown for each of them?

Asura World members can SPEND ASA Coins by:

1. Betting
2. Participating in hosted Tournaments
3. Participating in the Asura Tournaments
4. Hosting their own Tournaments [hosting fee]
5. Watching and Learning from ranked players.
6. Reward other users, eg: Content
7. Staking against other players in match making.

Asura World members can EARN ASA Coins by:

1. Winning said Bets
2. Winning said hosted Tournaments & Asura Tournaments
3. Hosting their own Tournaments [having other players join]
4. Creating Quality Coaching content
5. Contributing to the community by either creating content, interacting within the community, or by being helpful & kind.
6. Winning match making.
7. Participate in monthly Asura World events in the Community Hub

Read up for more information on how the rest of the interview went;.


Asura coin in Top 3 Breakout ICOs June 2018! 5x - 50x Profit Potential!!!

Watch "Daily Cryptocurrency News" talk about how Asura stands out from its competitors and likely to go 5x-50x in 2018.

Asura +.
Reasons as follows;

Asura coin in Top 3 Breakout ICOs June 2018! 5x - 50x Profit Potential!!!

Watch "Daily Cryptocurrency News" talk about how Asura stands out from its competitors and likely to go 5x-50x in 2018.

And An Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen. Which he spoke a lot on how Asura have a lot to offer....
Follow up with the interview at;


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