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Author Topic: Why Cryptocurrency Will Take Over the World?  (Read 11444 times)


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Why Cryptocurrency Will Take Over the World?
« on: May 19, 2018, 07:39:52 AM »

Why does this rock(Coin or digital currency) and yes this is a pretty little piece of rock, why does it sell for 3000 US dollars or more. Aside from its use injury and electronics the rock gold is given a great deal of value by many people as a head against government money. And when i say head against govt money what i mean is that there is a history of government monies being hyper inflated to do things like pay for wars or fond the luxurious lifestyles of non producing politicians and based long story short it results in a people buying loaves of breads with barrows full of govt money that sort of things. So to protect themselves from the risk of that happening to the government currency that they use a lot of people will pay a lot of money to hold little pieces of rocks.

The difference between these two(Real money and Coin) is that the rock is exceptionally difficult to create more of whereas the real money can be printed up in a sketchy Rbi or in a sketchy basement or in a sketchy big fancy building. So the rock or the gold is such a superior form of money, Why is it not used nearly as much or even ever in comparison to real money?. Well, it's do a little thought experiment that kind of boarders on real life i found this extremely groovy sort of MP3 player on amazon recently and it was at $6 or something, shipping from china, so richest and so cheap.

Let's imagine that i wanted to pay for it with a good sound solid money like the rock or metal. To get $6 worth of this piece of rock i would need only to shave of the proper amount with a file and weight on a scale and rapid in a paided envelop and insure it as in give the envelop insurance which would probably cost more than the cost of MP3 and by the time the envelop landed in china two weeks later the gold shaving may have fluctuated in value and the seller might even find himself out on what his profit margin what have been.

Clearly, this observed example demonstrate why that rock that was such a superior money is not used to buy things. If only there were a way that one person could send diddled gold to another person in a peer to peer sort of fashion, you might call it. Another words if only gold came with its own payment network.

Welcome to Cryptocurrency my friends. Let's going to take over the world.
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Re: Why Cryptocurrency Will Take Over the World?
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2018, 04:06:50 AM »
Because all belive the digital system