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Author Topic: 'Is it in the database?'will be replaced by'Is it on the blockchain  (Read 26992 times)


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Blockchain is a distributed, immutable ledger or database that stores records, known as blocks. Blocks can store various kinds of information; in the case of bitcoin, blocks store information about financial transactions. These blocks, which collectively form a “blockchain,” are stored on various storage devices or nodes, which ensures that no single person or entity can manipulate the ledger or database without everyone else knowing.
Moreover, once a block is added to the blockchain, it is immutable, which results in improved data accuracy and maintenance. While blockchain has mostly seen uses in the financial space, it’s clear that such technology could potentially revolutionize other areas, such as healthcare and medical records.

The medical spaces are a really interesting space to look at with blockchain, and the different evolutions that we can see there as far as medical records, and being able to see a patient's entire medical history on the blockchain. Making that available to doctors is something that I'm really excited about and somewhere that I could see blockchain going.

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