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Author Topic: Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen  (Read 29383 times)


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Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:30:04 PM »

Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen.

Mr. Peter Shen CEO of Asura World, previously involved in the Chinese eCommerce market after partnering up with NZBC, a partner of TMall [part of Alibaba Group].

Mr.Peter Shen was asked, There are many ways to earn your ASA tokens can you provide us a general breakdown for each of them?

Asura World members can SPEND ASA Coins by:

1. Betting
2. Participating in hosted Tournaments
3. Participating in the Asura Tournaments
4. Hosting their own Tournaments [hosting fee]
5. Watching and Learning from ranked players.
6. Reward other users, eg: Content
7. Staking against other players in match making.

Asura World members can EARN ASA Coins by:

1. Winning said Bets
2. Winning said hosted Tournaments & Asura Tournaments
3. Hosting their own Tournaments [having other players join]
4. Creating Quality Coaching content
5. Contributing to the community by either creating content, interacting within the community, or by being helpful & kind.
6. Winning match making.
7. Participate in monthly Asura World events in the Community Hub

Read up for more information on how the rest of the interview went;.


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