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Simple liquidity isn’t just a catchy marketing gimmick. It is the life blood of our business, and the driving force for everything we do.

But what is the Over-the Counter (OTC) Marketplace and why is ours special? Read on to learn five key things you need to know about the Spotcoin OTC.

1. A proven method
2. Next business day settlements
3. We’re making it even better
4. Quarterly dividends for SPOT holders
5. The go-to OTC marketplace for Big Trades

Interested in more Spotcoin?

Announcements / Spotcoin Pre-ICO Whitelist Opens June 6th
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:26:00 PM »
To embrace blockchain is to embrace startups, It’s almost time to join the Spotcoin Whitelist.What is SpotcoinSpotcoin is developing a complete digital asset management toolkit. One intuitive interface that will provide access to digital asset markets, over-the-counter trading (OTC), mining and payments. Spotpay allows for fast, cheap, convenient retail transactions using digital assets. Spotcoin supports new distributed ledger technologies by investing in promising startups and training the blockchain workforce of tomorrow through its innovative Blockchain Institute and Accelerator Program. And spotcoin have a high rating of 4.6 on IcobenchmarkNow Spotcoin’s Pre-ICO Whitelist opens on Wednesday June 6th at 18:00 (GMT/UTC+4), and with it, your chance to profit from a 20% Pre-ICO discount on SPOT tokens. That’s like a Private Sale discount without the lockup period.For more information kindly read this;
Thank you for buying into the next Big exchange.


For more information about upcoming ico;
Visit website at

Got it.. Already subscribed.
For those that are looking for ico or project to believe in. Come do your research in Asura and Dont waste time ico is going live 2nd June.

Here is few details on how the ico will go on the first day.

The reason why Asura will do great is because Asura World is the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, and it is powered by NEO.

Asura World aims to unite the global eSport community by incentivizing users to simply be kind & helpful towards others. Asura World aims to provide in-depth game analyses to guide players through the intricate details of professional gameplay.

Now tell me any Project that is better than Asura in terms if what Asura is offering...
Join Asura Token sale!!!
Its start 2nd of June with a huge 20% only on the first 24hours of sale...
Don't miss this chance to hold extra token of the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, powered by NEO.

Token= ASA
Price 1 NEO = 5,000 ASA
Bonus Available (20% for first 24hours)
Platform= NEO
Accepting= NEO
Minimum investment= 1 NEO
Hard cap= 12,000,000 USD
Country= New Zealand
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China

More information on Asura coin ICOWebsite:
Telegram: @AsuraCoin
Twitter: @Asuracoin
Reddit: /r/AsuraCoin/

If you still deciding in the coin to buy. Here's more information on Asura coin.


Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen.

Mr. Peter Shen CEO of Asura World, previously involved in the Chinese eCommerce market after partnering up with NZBC, a partner of TMall [part of Alibaba Group].

Mr.Peter Shen was asked, There are many ways to earn your ASA tokens can you provide us a general breakdown for each of them?

Asura World members can SPEND ASA Coins by:

1. Betting
2. Participating in hosted Tournaments
3. Participating in the Asura Tournaments
4. Hosting their own Tournaments [hosting fee]
5. Watching and Learning from ranked players.
6. Reward other users, eg: Content
7. Staking against other players in match making.

Asura World members can EARN ASA Coins by:

1. Winning said Bets
2. Winning said hosted Tournaments & Asura Tournaments
3. Hosting their own Tournaments [having other players join]
4. Creating Quality Coaching content
5. Contributing to the community by either creating content, interacting within the community, or by being helpful & kind.
6. Winning match making.
7. Participate in monthly Asura World events in the Community Hub

Read up for more information on how the rest of the interview went;.


Asura coin in Top 3 Breakout ICOs June 2018! 5x - 50x Profit Potential!!!

Watch "Daily Cryptocurrency News" talk about how Asura stands out from its competitors and likely to go 5x-50x in 2018.

Asura +.
Reasons as follows;

Asura coin in Top 3 Breakout ICOs June 2018! 5x - 50x Profit Potential!!!

Watch "Daily Cryptocurrency News" talk about how Asura stands out from its competitors and likely to go 5x-50x in 2018.

And An Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen. Which he spoke a lot on how Asura have a lot to offer....
Follow up with the interview at;

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